Q1: What are the office hours of Fidelity Realty Co.?
A1: Fidelity Realty’s office hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM.


Q2: How can I contact Fidelity Realty Co.?
A2: You can contact Fidelity Realty Co. by telephone at (336) 274-7652.


Q3: What do I need when I apply?
A3: You will need the following:
- Application fee
- Proof of income
- Driver’s License
- Completed application, signed and dated
- Signed and dated Qualification Guidelines


Q4: Who needs to fill out an application?
A4: All persons 18 years of age and older that will be residing in the apartment must fill out an application.


Q5: Are there any income requirements that I must meet?
A5: Residents residing by themselves must gross 3 ½ times the rent each month. Roommates must gross 2 ½ times the rent each.


Q6: Does Fidelity Realty check credit and criminal histories?
A6: Yes; see guidelines for a detailed explanation.


Q7: Do I need to view the property before I turn in my application?
A7: Yes, Fidelity Realty Co. requires all prospective residents to view the property before turning in an application.

We will make exceptions for those relocating form long distances.


Q8: What are the available lease terms?
A8: Fidelity Realty offers 1 year leases.


Q9: Does Fidelity Realty allow pets in any of their properties?
A9: Fidelity Realty allows cats only at Lindley Park Manor and Latham Park Manor. We do not allow pets at any other properties.


Q10: Do the units have washer and dryer connections?
A10: Sherwood Court Apartments have washer and dryer connections. All other properties have private laundry facilities.

Q11: How much is the security deposit?
A11: The security deposit is one month’s rent. With excellent credit and rental references, the deposit may be reduced.


Q12: What utilities are included in the rent?
A12: Water is included in the rent at Lakewood Apartments, Lindley Park Manor, and Yorkleigh Apartments.


Q13: How do I put in a maintenance request?
A13: You may call the office during normal business hours. Do not fax or e-mail any maintenance requests. We like to form relationships with our residents and we are able to ask any pertinent questions while we have you on the phone.


Q14: What do I do if I have an emergency after normal business hours?
A14: After 5PM you may call our emergency maintenance line for emergencies maintenance requests only.


Q15: What payment methods does Fidelity Realty accept?
A15: Fidelity Realty accepts checks and money orders only. We do not take debit or credit cards.