1) Applicant must be nineteen (19) years of age to sign a lease agreement.


2) Cosigners will be allowed for college students only (parent or guardian).


3) The application fee is $40 and is non-refundable. Only cash or money orders will be accepted.


4) Security Deposit- One month rent (Note: Excellent credit and landlord reference(s) may reduce the deposit.)


5) Pet Policy- No pets are allowed at any apartment community managed by Fidelity Realty Co. Exception, cats are allowed at properties with hardwood floors.


6) Occupancy- 2 persons per bedroom (Adults and children)
1 & 2 Bedrooms – No more than 2 adults
3 Bedrooms – No more than 3 adults
Note: Children 3 and over must have a separate bedroom from parents.

7) Income- Must gross 3 ½ times the rental rate.
Roommates must gross 2 ½ times the rental rate individually.
Proof of income is required. Please bring some form of proof (check stubs,
Tax forms, cash grant document, etc.)


8) Rental History- Must have good rental reference from an apartment community or realtor. Friends or family will not be considered. If rental collection, judgement, or eviction has been filed it will be an automatic rejection.


9) Credit History- Based on the last 2 years (24 months) of credit reported to the credit file.
A) Trade line rating must not exceed 35 points. Collections or judgements must show a zero balance or the applicants must provide proof from the creditor that the balance has been paid. Medical collections will not be considered.
B) Any collections from gas, electric, water utility, or cable companies will result in an automatic rejection.
C) A minimum credit score of 510 is required unless the applicant has no established credit.
Note: 12 consecutive months of excellent current rental history with the same apartment community or realtor will supersede the above criteria; unless the collection is from gas, electrical, water utility, cable company, or previous landlord.


10) Criminal History- Sex offenders or anyone with a felony will automatically be declined. Anyone convicted of crimes against persons or property will be declined, whether felony or misdemeanor. Anyone convicted/charged with three (3) or more misdemeanor in the past five (5) years will be declined.

Any false information given on the application will result in an automatic rejection. The application must be filled out completely to be processed. The application and all related materials are the property of Fidelity Realty Co.

A drivers license or state ID and a valid social security number is always required to check credit criminal, and rental history.


Download Qualification Statement (PDF)